About Us

Who We Are

Black Box Architects was established in 2011 by long-time colleagues Tony Davis and Jonathan Hawksworth.

We strive to foster a collaborative relationship of inspiration, trust and respect between client and Architect – a critical contributor to successful projects. This has resulted in realisation of a range of unique buildings, covering various types and sizes. We tend to avoid pursuing any particular style, preferring to use the special characteristics and constraints of the brief and context as opportunities to realise, quality buildings.

Recognising that construction projects are usually a significant investment and risk, we work to ensure that the design process delivers maximum value for our clients by maintaining a balance between the intangible (aesthetic, experiential, spatial) and the tangible (functional, physical, financial).

Architecture is essentially a practical art; a physical thing which can be touched, moved through and inhabited. If it’s done well, it will inspire, uplift and enliven.

The Team

Jonathan Hawksworth

Jonathan graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland in 1993, and following a short break for travel, has been working as an Architect ever since. Over that time Jonathan has developed an approach to design where delivering a unique response to the clients needs is the primary objective.

Tony Davis

Tony Davis has a passion for designing places and spaces for people with their own desires for fine Architecture. He enjoys collaborating with his clients, navigating the challenges inherent in a building project, working toward the rewards of an uplifting, well-conceived building that fulfils their wishes

Sam Cowper

Sam studied at the University of Auckland – School of Architecture and has 10 years architectural experience, gained while working in practices in Wellington and Auckland. His practical experience also informs his work, gained from a mix of personal and professional projects covering building, carpentry and horticulture.

Engaging with the client to clearly understand their requirements, he brings an intuitive approach to the design process, exploring ideas which dwell at the intersection of aesthetics, environment, function and experience.