About This Project


This quality, compact family home is located on a gently sloping rural property in Miranda.


Within a floor area of 175m2 are contained three bedrooms, a double garage and open-plan living which connects to north facing decks which open out to the views beyond.


The plan is comprised of three separate pavilions, each with a simple mono-pitch roof separated from the corrugated zincalume walls by high-level clerestory glazing.


This gives the impression of three partially opened tin boxes arranged on the site in a way that draws vistors towards the main entry which is located centrally in the main living wing.


The hovering nature of the roof forms is accentuated at night by careful up-lighting to create a truly stunning effect.


While not a traditional ‘country house’ it is a design that sits very comfortably into its surroundings and gives the owners a unique opportunity to be intimately connected with their rural surrounding wherever in the house they may be.