Mount Eden

About This Project

This modest garage, cellar and study addition to an original solid concrete bungalow sees the introduction of a contemporary form while maintaining a balanced street façade. The combination of the black cedar and the aluminium composite cladding provides a strong contrast to the white stucco of the old gabled bungalow, clearly distinguishing between the old and the new.


Internally the addition is separated from the main house by a large, pivot frameless glass door. The garage faces the street, the study opens out to the rear yard, and sandwiched between the two is the timber-clad “wine box” cellar. Rough sawn timber lining to the cellar provides a textural core to the addition and incorporates a cleverly concealed door.


The addition complements – without detracting from – the original character of the home and delivers new spaces in a way that surprises and delights as one moves through.